Forest Meditation Workshop

Eco-Mindfulness Training:
Shift Into Awe, Wonder And Effortless Flow

Step out of the stream of identification with thinking using ecological mindfulness practices as a gateway into effortless states of awe, wonder and deep presence.

Learn how to turn off your stress response at will using the breath and flush stress, tension and inflammation from your body so you can heighten your senses and tap into an effortless feeling of flow.

Saturday, May 21st, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Kerncliff Park in Burlington, Ontario

Unitary Continuum

Discover The Ecology of Awe, Wonder And Self-Transcendence

Using the Unitary Continuum as a map to different states of immersive felt experience, this Eco-Mindfulness Training workshop in the forest will be an experiential learning journey exploring deep presence, embodiment and interconnectedness.

You will learn a series of eco-mindfulness practices to step out of the stream of analytical thinking focused on self-referential analysis and problem solving into an effortless flow of awe, reverence and appreciation for the simple everyday wonders of life.

Even brief feelings of unity of the self and world through these kind of embodied flow experiences have been shown to act as a powerful antidote to the inflammatory stress response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) by allowing our nervous system to relax and release into the relaxation response (rest, digest, recharge and reconnect).

Join us on this group experiential learning journey where you can meet likeminded people, share your personal experience and connect through the power of group storytelling.

Discover how to use the simple magic of awe and wonder to live a more meaningful, compassionate and fulfilling life.

Here’s what this Eco-Mindfulness Training workshop will be covering:

Flow Water

1. Flow

Flow involves letting go of identification with thinking and bringing your full attention to your immediate sensory experience.

We will explore the 4 key foundations of flow states, what the Ancient Greeks called ecstasis (to “go beyond” thinking and identification with the conceptual self): selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves the intentional non-judgemental experience of the present moment.

We will explore how to use mindful walking practices to draw our attention out of our internal dialogue and into the “felt presence” of immediate experience through the observation of the beauty of the world around us with awe.



3. Gratitude

Gratitude is another powerful tool for transcendence, which we can cultivate through pausing to notice all the things we take for granted and practicing acceptance of life as it flows.

Cultivating gratitude is a powerful antidote to the inner critic and negativity bias that is built into the human brain and is constantly targeted today by the media and advertising.

4. Love

The experience of love can be as simple as experiencing with a sense of loving kindness.

We will explore how to ground ourselves in loving awareness through caring, appreciation, kindness and compassion for all the sentient beings of the forest.


5. Awe

Awe awakens reverence, respect, wonder, inspiration and gratitude.

Awe opens the door in our souls, in our hearts and minds. Awe is bigger than we are – like the sacred is bigger than we are – and so it pulls us out of ourselves, it touches on transcendence and allows us to see the world with childlike eyes.

6. Inspiration

Inspiration comes from these flash “a-ha moments” of insight where we intuit deeper into the shape of things.

Discover how completely unplugging and tuning all your senses into the natural world can spark new ways of seeing yourself and the world.

Peak Experiences

7. Peak Experiences

Peak experiences are those moments in time that become the defining moments of our lives. Learn about other people’s peak experiences and the psychology of peak experience developed by psychologist Abraham Maslow.

While peak experiences are rare, we will explore how to anchor ourselves throughout our day in daily flow experiences of awe and reverence that become the defining moments of our day, which we can relive each evening to amplify gratitude and wonder.

In addition, all participants will get these 3 bonuses for continued lifelong learning.

Take your ecological awareness to the next level.

1. Guided Awe Mindfulness Audio Practice

To continue practicing after the workshop, you will receive a guided eco-mindfulness session for practicing awe while walking outside.

2. Mindful Birdwatching And Bird Language Guide

Learn to use the sounds of the birds for practicing mindfulness with our mindful birdwatching guide.

3. Identifying Spring Mushrooms Guide

Learn 6 of the most common edible and medicinal mushrooms that grow in the spring season.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is a certified instructor in mindfulness, somatic breathwork and flow state psychology.

He has a B.A. in History from the University of Victoria with a specialization in ancient civilizations, animism and the history of the modern world.

Since 2011, he has run an online education company called DIY Genius helping thought leaders productize their genius and sell their expertise to a global audience through online courses, group coaching programs and membership communities.

He started teaching forest meditation and eco-mindfulness workshops in 2016 in Stanley Park in his home of Vancouver, Canada and since then has lead mindful nature immersion experiences all over the world.

Awecology grew out of his passion for how experiential learning, group storytelling and transformative nature experiences can be a catalyst for boosting curiosity, ecological awareness and fostering the long-term motivation necessary to create sustainable change.


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About The Location

We will be meeting at the main parking lot of Kerncliff Park in Burlington, Ontario. It’s a 45-minute drive from Toronto or Niagara Falls.

Kerncliff Park is one of the most beautiful places along the Niagara Escarpment offering wetlands for birdwatching, natural springs, large ravines and spectacular vistas of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline in the distance.

The workshop will run from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Kerncliff Park (location on Google Maps)

2198 Kerns Road,
Burlington, ON
L7P 1P8