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Microdosing Awe:
Shift Into The Effortless Flow of Childlike Wonder

Learn how to flush stress, tension and inflammation from your body and inspire greater creativity with microdoses of awe, wonder and mindfulness throughout your day.

Thursday, August 4th, 2022 7:30 PM (EST)

Discover The Ecology of Awe, Wonder And Self-Transcendence

Awe is the antidote to the modern dis-ease of restless busyness, anxiety and separation from nature.

The intentional practice of awe pulls us out of ourselves, quiets the internal dialogue of the mind and awakens reverence, respect, and gratitude for the simple beauty and wonders of the world around us.

Awe is our most powerful self-transcendent emotion helping us to quiet our inner critic and spark a natural form of effortless mindfulness.

And yet, it is being snuffed out in our increasingly homogenized and screen-addicted world.

It’s time to change this…

In this live workshop, you’ll learn the latest scientific research into the transformative power of awe experiences and more importantly, how to apply this knowledge to your daily life to experience a deeper felt sense of presence, embodiment and interconnection with other people and the natural world.

Here’s what we’re going to be covering in this live online workshop:

1. The Science of Awe

There has been an explosion of scientific research on awe in the last two decades that has transformed our understanding of this mysterious, self-transcendent emotion.

Experiencing awe has been shown to defuse anxiety and stress, significantly reduce inflammation in the body while inspiring higher levels of curiosity, creativity and feelings of connectedness.

It has also been shown to increase pro-social behavior where people are more motivated to volunteer, participate in community and help each other.

2. How To Trigger Awe

Discover the most common triggers for awe and how scientists measure and quantify the nature of awe with the Awe Experience Scale.

We will look at the macrodoses of awe that become the defining moments of our lives and more accessible microdoses of awe that we can intentionally cultivate in our everyday experience.

Discover how triggering states of awe, flow and mindfulness through embodiment sensory immersion helps us transcend our limited sense of self and feel a deeper sense of connection with other people and the natural world.

Awe In The Forest
Forest of Wonder

3. The 8 Everyday Wonders of Life

You don’t have to climb a mountain, drink a mysterious elixir in the jungle or visit the Grand Canyon to experience the transformative power of awe.

You activate a sense of childlike wonder with brief awe microdoses throughout your day that can help you get out of your head and into heartfelt reverence of the everyday miracles of life.

Microdosing awe is an effortless way to practice mindfulness that anchors you in presence, gratitude and appreciation.

4. Guided Effortless Awe Meditation Practice

In a guided awe practice, you’ll learn how integrate reap the benefits of meditation through microdoses of awe throughout your day that can activate your relaxation response and deepen your sensory experience.

This will allow you to immerse yourself in the “felt presence” of your immediate experiences so you can cultivate deeper sense of presence, embodiment and interconnectedness with the natural world.

The powerful awe induction technique you will learn was used during the pandemic to help stress out health care workers recover from burnout and exhaustion by restoring nervous system balance that gets disrupted by chronic stress.

Forest Walker
Awe-Based Education

5. Awe As A Tool For Personal Transformation

How different would our world look a decade from now if we shifted from an egocentric approach to education focused on self-interest, competition, standardization and reductionistic materialism toward an ecocentric approach focused on cultivating empathy-for-all, collaboration, creativity and holistic science?

We will end with an inspiring vision for how awe-based education will be a necessity in the near future when artificial intelligence and robots have replaced most routine work and our unique human traits that can’t be replicated by machines are demanded: curiosity, storytelling, creativity, empathy, community building, intuition and wisdom.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is a certified instructor in mindfulness, somatic breathwork and flow state psychology.

He has a B.A. in History from the University of Victoria with a specialization in animism, ancient civilizations and the history of the modern world.

Since 2011, he has run an online education company DIY Genius helping thought leaders and passionate creators productize their “genius” and sell their expertise to a global audience through online courses, group coaching programs and membership communities.

He started teaching forest meditation and eco-mindfulness workshops in 2016 in the rainforests of Stanley Park in his home of Vancouver, Canada and since then has lead mindful nature immersion experiences all over the world.

Awecology grew out of his dislike of standardized rote education and passion for how experiential learning, group storytelling and transformative nature experiences can be a catalyst for boosting curiosity, ecological awareness and fostering the motivation to create sustainable change.

Microdosing Awe:
Shift Into The Effortless Flow of Childlike Wonder

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